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    Improving blood safety during donor collection, processing, and transportation





  • What is HemoStable...


    HemoStable improves blood safety during donor collection, processing, and transportation while decreasing spoilage, cost, and loss of life. Using HemoStable Technologies, a bag of blood can now remain within 2°C of the optimal temperature for 20 hours without additional refrigeration. Without this technology, blood in a normal room environment exceeds the safe range within 20 minutes and it will spoil.



    Internationally patented, HemoStable is a suite of new technologies that greatly improve the safety and temperature uniformity of blood and blood products during collection, shipping, and use while decreasing labor and material costs.


    HemoStable's mission is to make safe blood use affordable to even the poorest countries in the world.






  • How HemoStable helps...


    The US uses over 40,000 pints of blood per day, over 14 million pints per year. Unfortunately around 500 pints per day have to be discarded because they were not kept at the proper temperature during collection, processing, or transportation.


    The cost of an installed pint of blood is around $500. That means that the cost of meeting just the domestic blood requirement is $20 million per day, over $7 billion per year. The waste numbers are hard to pin down but industry estimates are around 1%. That’s a loss of $200,000 a day, $75 million per year.


    With the HemoStable system’s proven thermal characteristics you can be virtually certain that the blood has not exceeded safe temperature boundaries from collection to installation.


    HemoStable is creating new thermal consistency technologies for collection, shipping, and during use that will be affordable to every country - even if they move medicinals around by bicycle. Our goal is to be so low cost as to enable suppliers to deliver safe blood anywhere in the world.


    The HemoStable thermal consistency system can scale to where it works with not only individual blood bags in an operating suite or donation site, but also to temperature stabilize shipping large boxes in the back of a truck.




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    Global Entrepreneurship Week selected UbiquiShield's Protection Fabric Technologies as one of the world's 50 most promising start-ups.


    In the search to find some of the best and brightest new start-ups around the world, 400 applicants, from over 80 countries and dozens of industry sectors, were judged on concept, innovation, growth projections, and knowledge of their industry. The Kauffman Foundation sponsored Global Entrepreneurship Week selected HemoStable as one of the world's 50 most promising start-ups of 2013.





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